I've been messing around a bit with bass fuzz, and having some issues. I've got an old Asian no-name P-bass, a Crate BT220 1x15 combo and a DigiTech BP50 multiFX pedal. What I'm trying to do is get a fuzzy, very synth-like tone out of the fuzz on it (specifically, something that I can use instead of a synth on a Faint song my band is covering).

So far I've been using the Big Muff model of the BP50, set at max. gain. and I've been messing with both the pedal EQ (L,M,H) and my amp EQ (L,LM,HM,H) to get a good sound. Even when I can find a decent tone, I run into other problems.

Mainly, in order to be heard whatsoever I have to crank the level on the pedal all the way. The problem is that whenever I'm not playing a note, it feedbacks like a mofo. And even at these ridiculous levels, its barely audible and is completely drowned when the rest of the band is playing.

Does anyone know what else I need to do/what I'm doing wrong?