Alexi Laiho:

Is it strictly alternate, or does he use economy picking?

I asking mostly in reference to his solo's and 3 note-per-string runs. of course you can pick their rythm riffs and such any way you feel comfortable. (and then there is sweeping =P)

But Ive always found it to be debatable if strict alternate picking or economy picking was more successful for speed. I know everyone has their own opinion. I have always used both, it just depends on what I'm playing,

but over the past four months or so I've been trying to narrow down my technique to focus more strongly on one

I'm curious what technique Laiho prefers. I've seen him live and watched alot of videos, but its hard to tell.

I'm also interested in the same question in regards to Chris Storey, from All Shall Perish.

I've been playing for a few years, and have always found it most helpful to watch and learn from professionals who have a style similar to my own, and what I hope to aspire to.

Perhaps one of you guys know more about these guitarists style?
I'm guessing he alternate picks. Alternate usually has a sharper more agressive tone.
Call me Batman.
Each one has its own sound, so it's worth being able to use both.
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