Im looking for a bassist + singer for online colab. Im 20, Uk and I have a full digital audio workstation (DAW).

You can hear what im upto on my profile page and if youre keen drop me a PM.

My influences range from RHCP, Incubus, Inme, KSE, floyd and such alike.

<<<bassist, i can also kinda sing, but could never do lead vocals love to do something though, my aim is facelessxpride

im 16 btw, idk if that matters
i can help with some guitar stuff RHCP is one of my fav bands, i can play bass and guitar and if we need to overdub some keys let me know!

easiest way of contact would be PM or AIM, also I have a home studio, you canm listen to some of my recordings if you want to hear quality..
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