Is there a serial number on the back of the headstock? Other times I think I've heard of the serial numbers underneath the back panel where your tremelo and electronics are.
isn't that a DFH? (dean from hell)

something like that.
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Low end, not worth much at all.
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[quote="'']It's a baby ML of somekind. Not sure on the precise model, pretty sure it's a low end one though
it's not a baby, the baby's have the floyd much closer to the end of the body, and usually have a tom.
that looks like a baby ML which is worth about £200 but poorly built and only really good for hanging on the wall
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It's the Baby ML version of Dime's original DFH model.

It's a tune-o-matic and has a smaller body size.

Worth under £200 I'd say.
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It all depends, some of the earlier baby's with this finish had a set neck. These are actually worth a little bit of money if it's one of these. This guitar isn't one of the original Baby's but those are some of the best sounding Dean guitars ever made (up to c. 1990)

Does this guitar have a set neck?
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Baby DFH ml, about $200-250 new with the set so prob $150
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