can you help me to improve my song and to give a name for it?

the song:

**** off!!!

Look what happend to this ****ing world!
Junkies just stick drugs into their bodies,
and alot of people drink tons of alcohol,
and thats so ****ed up!

**** this world and what ever happens to it,
Doom's day is so ****ing close that people can taste it,
Some ****ing ****!

Now let me tell you a secret...
There is something wrong with our world.
There is so many ****in' nukes,
so much we can't count 'em.
So i just say:
Lets just suicide instad being vaporized
or be some ****in' mutants!


Reach people make money of poor people,
thats why there is so many homelesses in this mother****in' world!
This is so ****ed up!
Your closests friends may sell you to make some cash!

I dont like the idea reach people can do what ever they want!

thats why I say:


The air is getting polluted,
and no one cares!
That's very disturbing thinking that
I breathe toxic.

Gangs waiting to beat you up in every corner.
You afraid to go out,
cuz' god know's what the **** is out there.

If we go out WE ARE ****ED!

****ing ****!!!!