Hey guys,

I was composing and I came out with a chord that has the following notes:

E G# B D F

Now as far as I can see, that's an E7Min9

Is that right? =/

Would it be called a G#dim7/E

I'm confusing myself.

Can anyone help?



I'm so f***ing stupid sometimes!

One of those days I suppose.
I think it might be more of a G#dim7/E cause the piece is in Aminor. What do you think?
No wait it'd work either way really wouldn't it 'cause it's the V7 chord.

>_< I'm having one of those days, seriously.
If it's in A minor, it's E7b9. E7min9 is a really strange way of notating it, but if you want to call it that, you wouldn't be wrong in identifying the b9 as a minor 9th interval, but you're not going to see that notation anywhere else.