Like it says in my other thread, I got an old SG. I couldn't decide whether to put this here or in the Electric Guitar forum, but I guess whatever fixes this would be an accessory. OK, this SG has a medium two inche scratch on the neck. Not deep, just deep enought to see wood. What would I use to restore it and remove the scratch? Is there a chemical or gloss, paint, etc. to fix this and make the neck like new? I've also wondered if the Gibson Restoration Kit would help. Thanks in advance!

take it to a music store and say "fix this" and they'll fix it for you. i can't imagine it'd be more than 40-50 bucks
^Yeah but surely there's something I could do myself that's a lot cheaper? It doesn't seem like it'd be hard to fix...

It will be hard to match the finish without refinishing the entire neck. If it were my guitar, I'd just live with it. Just think of it as a relic'd guitar, but you didn't have to pay more for it. That's what I tell myself every time I run into something with my SG.
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