Well, I'm in my second band now. It'sa thrash band and I see alot of potential in it. The lead player uses an 80 watt peavey bandit and I use a line 6 spider III with a digitech rp150 and a boss metal zone. I've decided its time to upgrade. I was wondering-- how much does a 1 year old line 6 spider III 30 watt sell for/get traded in for? Also what criteria is important in terms of selling/trading in amps (at guitar center)? It seems mint but i want to be sure. Any advice will be appreciated.

Vlad. Look in the "musical instruments" section of your local craigslist. Compare others prices to what you think you should charge. You would likely make the most out of it that way over trading in at GC.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
alrighty i guess ill check it out. any info i should include in the listings?