I know a lot of people here buy off Ebay but those who do, what percentage of the auctions you bid in do you end up winning roughly??? Is it a lot??? Are there any tips you could give me for being successful at buying off Ebay???

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The one most important thing is, sit there for the last five minutes and refresh the page every 20 seconds to make sure nobody nicks it from you at the last minute.
I win roughly every 1 out of 6, but that's because I refuse to buy at the average used price of a gear and try to get a deal every time. If you're willing to pay the normal used value, then you'll win 1 out of 3. And like they said, watch at the last few seconds.

Make sure that you also set yourself a limit, you can sometimes get carried away with bidding and go way over what you thought was a good deal, other than that just refresh often, and make sure that the seller has good postive feedback!
I use auctionstealer.com works great. Just enter your max and it will bid for you at the last second.

^I considered that about having my account stolen, but I realized it wouldn't mean crap if they did. You couldn't do anything with an account beside place some stupid bids that you wouldn't have to pay for. Anyone who stole your account wouldn't be able to steal anything, so I don't know why anyone would go through the effort.
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I love Ebay.

I got my Chorus pedal, which at the store where I live sells for 150, and I think retails around 100. I got it for 30 dollars including shipping. Anazing deal.
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the best thing to do, bidding wise, is to watch the item until the last minute. if it's more than you are willing to pay by then, you would have gotten outbid regardless. If it's still within the range of what you were willing to spend, place your bid withing the last few seconds, whatever you think is appropriate, and be ready cuz the odds are that there will be more people with the same stradegy waiting to pounce on a good deal.
Simple, bid as much as you want to pay, and only that much, if the bidding goes higher, then you weren't willing to pay as much as someone else and if the final price is lower than your maximum, you win I'd say, with this tactic, I win 7/10 auctions i bid in.
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just put in your absolute max amount and itll bid competitively for you

also make it an odd amount

say something is worth around £100, put your max bid at £100.57. that way if someone else's max is £100 then your winning bid will be like £100.05
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