So I have seen the CAGED System thrown around quite a lot... and I don't quite understand it... is it basically using different forms of bar chords (Emaj shape Cmaj shape etc...) to voice other major chords throughout the neck? If someone can explain this or provide a link it would be very much appreciated. No videos for now though seeing as I am currently running on very slow dial-up connection.

Thanks for any help.
pretty much its the theory of playing pentatanic scales off of the chord shapes of c a g e d. like if you play an open c chord the next c chord will be the a shape with the root on the 5th string. then the next chord would be the g shape e shape and d shape and all of these positions will have pentatonic scales that go with the root notes of the chord shape. and when i say chord shape i mean the shape of that chord when played in the open position.
You should basically see the CAGED system as 5 different shapes to create chords with.

For instance you can play a Cmaj chord by fingering an E-shape on the 8th fret. If you move that down to 5th fret you'll play an Amaj chord, but still with the same shape. You just have to understand where the root note is for the certain shape.

Some of the shapes might not work very well for being moved around the neck. The D-shape and G-shape are best fingered as open chords. At least I find it quite awkward to play them elsewhere than open.

I hope it helped you.
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