And I only just found out about it now.

What happened was that my friend, his brother and his father went to a small fishing/hunting lodge up north on Thursday, and were supposed to stay there until Monday. They went to bed at about 10:30pm last night, just after checking the fire in the woodstove, because it was about -25°C outside and they needed to keep the cabin warm.

At around 12:30am, his dad woke to a peculiar smell. He stood up, and walked over to my friend's bed, waking him. He asked him if he smelled anything, and my friend said he smelled smoke. So his father opened the bedroom door to investigate, and when he did, he saw that the whole porch was on fire. He yelled out "Fire!" to my friend, who was only in his t-shirt and underwear, and got him to pick up his little brother and take him outside. My friend and his brother went out the back door, and his father went out the front. They managed to start two snowmobiles, and still only in pajamas, drive across the lake to another lodge. Because they used exits at opposite ends of the building, it created a draft and fed the fire very quickly. Just as they drove off and got to a safe distance, they could hear things like the propane tanks used for the oven, the furnace and several pounds of ammunition exploding behind them, and seconds later, the lodge collapsed.

He was taken to hospital with his family, and so far they've found 2nd degree burns on his dad's arm, and 3rd degree burns on his neck. Because my friend gave his pajama pants and slippers to his younger brother to keep him warm, during the drive on snowmobile my friend's feet froze to the runnerboards of the snowmobile, and he ended up getting really bad frostbite. They almost had to amputate one of his feet, but they treated it just in time so there will only be minimal permanent damage.

He's still in shock, from what my mom can tell, because he's like family to us and called our house almost immediately after it happened. I was thinking about what I would've done if he had actually died, because it was only last summer when I had to attend a funeral for another friend who died when his house caught fire (as explained in one of my blogs), and I didn't really know if I could do that again. I just wanted to share this with The Pit, and see if they have any similar stories.

TL;DR - My friend's cabin caught fire, which was full of explosive canisters and ammunition, and he only narrowly escaped with his brother and his father.
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That sucks.
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could people just tell me what kind of answers they expect while posting something like this ? why are threads like this created ?
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My best to all of you, I hope he recovers well. They're all lucky they made it out alive.
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whoa man this is turning into the Dream Theater appreciation thread!!! If only every thread kicked this much ass!

You're welcome
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I'm sorry to hear that.

I hope everything turns out fine.
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could people just tell me what kind of answers they expect while posting something like this ? why are threads like this created ?

Just to get it off his chest, and try and asses what actually happened.

Im sure hes not just trying to get sympathy.

Best wishes though, sounds like it could be a lotttt worse.
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wow that's pretty lucky
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One time I went snowmobiling and it was -20 out and there was still some fast moving water that hadn't froze yet and i hit it on my snowmobile and when the water splashed up it froze instanously to my helmet coat and visor. Just an idea of how cold that is.
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could people just tell me what kind of answers they expect while posting something like this ? why are threads like this created ?

Because he wanted to share his friend's story with as many people as possible. Wow that answer was easy to come by, maybe if you learned to think you wouldn't have to type up stupid post.

Yes i am in a pissy mood, and yes i am immature enough to take it out on random people on the internet who probably won't even read it.
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Sorry to hear that, bro.
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Quick, write a script and send it to hollywood and have it made into an epic movie before some else does!

But in all seriousness, that sucks, glad they're ok
Fires suck. My friend Skittles died in a fire in December. He was having a party at his house and he got pissed at this one kid so he kicked everybody out at 11:30. His couch was sitting too close to a heater and he went to bed upstairs and it caught on fire. One of his friends supposedly saw the house on fire and he told everyone that he called the fire department around that time but they didn't get a call until 1:30 when the house was mostly burned down. A couple guys had videos on their phones of the house burning when the fire was mostly in the living room, which is pretty messed up because they knew there was someone in there but they didn't do anything.
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why the hell was there ammunition in their house?
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could people just tell me what kind of answers they expect while posting something like this ? why are threads like this created ?

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thank you for replying to him, or else i would have, and im already on a warning
Below freezing, cabin full of gas tanks and live ammunition, and it caught fire?

Forgive me for seeming disrespectful, but thats just bloody careless.
i'm sorry but i swear when i clicked on this i thought it said "today i alsmost beat my best friend". needless to day i was dissapointed.

in other news i'm glad to here he's ok
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