Lol OK my 3rd thread in about 20 mins for this SG. Thanks to you guys you found me some tuners, but now I have a harder challenge. I need some pups for it. My tone is that of the bands I listen to. It needs a vintage tone and cannot be too gainy. Definitely passive. I would like to have one for thick warm cleans, and the other for a good distortion tone similar to Wolfmother's. Let's not bring amps into this. I know my amp sucks, and I know I need a new one. But I am getting one in a few months and right now my priority is fixing up this SG. So, the humbuckers need to be under 100 each, and under 160 all together. I would like them to have gold pup covers, unless it's something like a p-90. Thanks for all the help you've given me so far!!!

I freakin like your prices Sid. Also, I was looking at a pickup by Eastwood guitars. It's supposed to replicate vintage Airline's, Supro's, etc. there's no link to it, but here's the info on it:

Quote by Eastwood Guitars
AIRLINE® Vintage Voiced Single Coil Pickup
Have you ever wondered what makes those old AIRLINE guitars sound so wicked? How can a Humbucker sound like that? Well, it can't. The original VALCO pickups were SINGLE COIL, not Humbuckers. They looked like a Humbucker, but that is where the similarity ends. The VALCO pickups were found in all AIRLINE®, SUPRO and National Guitars in the late fifties and early sixties. We dissected the originals and have now re-created that famous tone in a new SINGLE COIL design that is housed in a Humbucker format. These are made specifically to replace your Humbuckers and give you that oh-so-nasty growl that is familiar from the likes of Jack White, Hound Dog Taylor, J.B. Hutto and Jimmy Reed.
At only $79 each, how can you go wrong?

What do you think?

I've been debating buying that pickup for my Eastwood Airline for two years now, but still haven't pulled the trigger and probably won't for a while. I don't think it comes in gold, though.
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Yeah I know. Plus, it's neither warm clean or Wolfmother-esque distorted, and I only have two spots. I guess I'll just wait another 2-3 years and get an Eastwood '59 Custom, since they come with those.

sorry to cut in but do you think these GFS would be a good upgrade over my Epi OEM pups, or just as good.
Also, Sid McCall, would the P90's be better for the distortion or clean, and better in neck or bridge?

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punk and classic rock.

One of those would definitely do good for classic rock, but maybe get another something a bit hotter for punk? I'll post if I find any thing for ya

Seymour Duncan Seth Lover?

and save up for something else in the neck?
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One of those would definitely do good for classic rock, but maybe get another something a bit hotter for punk? I'll post if I find any thing for ya

thanks man