What watt bass is good for a small venue or nightclub? I just joined a band and need a bass amp thats loud enough to keep the low end but not loud as hell to be louder than everyone else. I probably will not be playing large stages. Please make recommendations for under $300.
my bassist uses a 30 watt ibanez of some sort, it's pretty damn loud. but sorry, other than that i dont know much about bass amps.
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*shrugs* depends on how loud your drummer/other guitarists are, I'd figure 200-300 watts SS. depending on the above, the actual answer might be anywhere from 50 to 500 tho.
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I think it was something like "4 times more then the Guitarists wattage."
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i would say 200W if you are gigging. i have never played at a venue which doesn't mic up all the instruments but my mate used to have to crank his 100W at reahearsal to be heard.