I just got 2 new dimarzios for my MIM strat that i have been customizing; an area 61 for the neck and a Virtual Solo for the bridge. And I had already installed an Hs-3 in the middle.

I got both pickups installed with no problem, the 61 sounds amazing but the Virtual solo sounds extremely trebly and harsh especially when using my Crunchbox distortion through my Fender Hot Rod. Here is the description from the dimarzio site:

"We've combined the best qualities of the Virtual Vintage Solo™ and Solo Pro™ - high output and a full, warm sound - and pushed these qualities even further. Treble response is smoother, the lows are tighter, and there is more pick attack. Play hard, and the sound jumps out of the amp. Play softer, and the sound becomes cleaner and quieter. And of course, there's no hum."

the Virtual solo sounds nothing like whats described on their site.

So its a MIM 2004 maple neck strat, i put a 500k volume pot in place of the 250, Virtual Solo in the bridge, HS-3 in middle, and Area 61 in neck. Does anybody know why I am having this problem?

edit: its wired up so the tone controls are disconnected, and a good way to describe the sound when playing with distortion on the high strings is it sounds like playing with a wah pedal on in a fixed position
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i'd try it out with a 250k pot to tone down the high end a bit. strats are generally bright guitars.
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