Like it says in my other thread, I got an old SG. OK, this SG has a medium two inch scratch on the neck. Not deep, just deep enought to see wood. What would I use to restore it and remove the scratch? Is there a chemical or gloss, paint, etc. to fix this and make the neck like new? I've also wondered if the Gibson Restoration Kit would help. Thanks in advance!

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^can you give a really detailed explanation on how to do it please?

1. Buy lacquer
2. put lacquer on the neck
3. Buy high grit sand paper
4. wet sand rough spots w/ high grit sand paper until it's smooth

I CBA to explain it any further... have a look at the ultimate refinishing thread, it should have a section on lacquering, just follow the instructions there; it's actually really simple...

If that link doesn't answer you question fully, or if you need something further explained, post your question here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=53 you'll get more help, and generally useful information in regards to finishing...