I bet you're probably sick of me by now. Today I was waiting for my laundry to be done so I picked up my guitar as usual. Next thing you know I'm knee deep in CuBase LE4 editing up a new song.

So check it out. Looking for critiques. C4C...

Staind - So Far Away - Acoustic Cover

Note: Now with Acoustic Bass goodness!
Awesome, I don't know the real song, but still awesome. Did you record the vocals and the guitar at the same time or one after the other?
The first time through, I play and sing at the same time. I then use that as a baseline to pace the song and then lay the seperate tracks.

I'll add a new track, go back to the beginning and play the 1st guitar part all the way through to the end.

then I'll add another track for each guitar "part" that I can't play with 1 guitar... like the high parts you hear at the start and the other verse.

Then I'll add the bass track.

Then I start laying the vocals down. Usually I do a straight through with the verses only.

Then I add a new track and do any high or stressed parts, like voice solos or choruses. If I have to do any harmony that get's it's own track.

Then I mixdown and have to chose the correct volumes, compression / effects I want to use, etc... and open it with a new program to add the overall fadeouts, dynamics, etc.

It's about an hour's worth of singing and playing, and about 2 hours worth of editing. that seems to be the ratio for any song I do. 2 hours editing for each 1 hour of playing.

No one's ever asked me that before! Hope it helps.