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Option 1
5 29%
Option 2
1 6%
Option 3
2 12%
Option 4
2 12%
Option 5
4 24%
Option 6
3 18%
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0 0%
Voters: 17.
I have a Lite Ash Telecaster, and recently bought a Blues Deville and I'm not really happy with the Bues Deville and the tele twanginess is starting to become a problem. I'm starting to play out and the single coil in the bridge is starting to sound too thin and the blues deville doesn't distort as much as I thought it did in the store. The band I'm with plays mostly pop punx and emo and the like ( Moderate distortion a la Blink 182, MCR), but I play ska to post-hardcore( Mustard Plug, Catch 22, Mad Caddies, Sounds like Chicken, Operation Ivy, Chiodos, Blessthefall, Halifax, From First to Last, Grace Gale). I really love the cleans on the Blues Deville don't get me wrong, but I need better gain. I know it would be more practical to have two amps and possibly another guitar with humbuckers but I can't really afford that.

Option 1:
Buy various overdrive/boost/distortion pedals to get a better, fuller distortion tone

Option 2:
Route my Tele for a humbucker, as my Dad is a skilled carpenter and has a router.

Option 3:
I bought the blues deville brand new for $800 +tax 2.5 weeks ago and they sell for $1199 brand new. Resale it and buy something else (Traynor, Egnater, Orange, insert recommendation here.) Keep the Tele

Option 4:
Sell the Tele, buy a Les Paul, which I played at the local shop and thoroughly enjoyed, and keep the Blues Deville

Option 5:
Sell the Tele, buy the Les Paul, sell the Blues Deville, and buy a new amp.

Option 6:
Change the tubes in the Blues Deville, and buy various pedals.

Option 7:
Other recommendations.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, and hopefully I didn't exclude anything important as I usually do.
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I'd say Probably option #1, or even #6. It should more to your liking after you stick some good pedals in front of it. For me a TS-808 puts the perfect amount of overdrive I need in front of my Fender BJ. I'd see if you couldn't take your guitar to a store, and test out some pedals on the same amp.
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I voted 6. There are so many decent pedals out there that can drive that amp. You need to check a bunch out. I was just playing a nashville tele a few hrs ago. if yours has the 5 position selector switch stay closer to the neck middle pickup setting to reduce your "twang". I know it annoys me too after awhile.
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5, if you're playing Blessthefall and From First to Last, you need a different amp, and probably a different guitar as well.
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6. Tele are really good guitars and the deville is a good amp. It would be logical to just replace the tubes with something like marshall or orange tubes. There are plenty great pedals out there.
Option 6 and 4.

A nice OD pedal, a delay, and the heavy sound of Les Pauls would be just what you need for filling out your tone. Not too good at reccomending tubes, so I'll leave that to someone else.
You have good equipment, I would start playing some pedals through it to get more gain. You should be able to get some sweet post-hardcore and punk sounds with that set-up. Try a Bad monkey, maybe a Tube Screamer or clone, MXR distortion, just to name a few. I would consider both a distortion and OD pedal or something that does both just to really have a ton of options. Fenders are famous for taking pedals well, so you have a ton of options.

Find a local store with your amp and guitar with a good selection of pedals. Ask the sales persone to set you up with some decent pedals to help reach the sound you want. If after trying a bunch you still can't get it, I would start saving for a Gibson SG, as you can get decent used ones for pretty cheap and they would give you more gain than a tele.

Never buy a digital multi-effect pedal, unless you like lifeless, glossy digital sound. Your amp and guitar should get some nice warm tones.

I am unknowing about the tubes. I would check fender's forum for specifics on that.
Thanks for the replies so far everyone, I'm going to try to make a band trip to GC next week, because the local shop doesn't really have that many pedals. I'm still kind of unsure about the amp, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt as far as pedals go before I sell it.
"I was influenced to play the guitar after I saw the guy on Power Rangers do it. I figured it would be easy, since a guitar is basically a big kazoo."

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