So guys, my birthday is coming up in a few days. I haven't told my parents what I want because I don't really know. My local shop is having a sale on pedals and things tonight, and I was thinking I could go there and test out a few pedals and give my parents gift ideas. Any suggestions on which pedals? Specific models would be appreciated, the ones I already have are listed in my sig.
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Depends what you're looking for really. Seymour duncan has amazing pedals, so their delay (deja vu) and tremelo (shape shifter) are highly recommended by me. MXR phase 90 is always a solid choice.
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Go for like an MXR 10 band equalizer. Might as well spurge for a really nice pedal on your birthday.
That's a great amp you got there.

I'd check out maybe a Fulltone OCD, Big Muff Pi, Swollen Pickle, EVH phaser, H2O chourus/Echo,. Should give you something to think about.
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