Hey, Ive got three songs up at myspace.com/chocomoney, one is a hardrock song, the other an acoustic, and one that i don't really the genre. Due to a crappy mic, crappy computer and crappy recording software, when i playback and record at the same time, it skips and messes up timing of the playing track, which in turns messes me up. i apologize for this and am trying to correct it, i promise i'm not as bad as it sounds. I'll probably re-record everything after some advice. please comment, criticize, anything really and rate this thread. Thanks, C4C
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I listened to "cAnswer" My responce is pretty close to yours as the hardcore thing isn't really my cup of tea. However, it was pretty good, I'm assuming you're using a solid state amp...You may want to beef that up to tube...It was mixed pretty well, the Highhats could come down a bit, and I'm not sure if there was a bass in there (if there is, turn that up!) I like that you played your solo with some soul and didn't stick to the normal beat
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