which guitar prevails for hard rock to metal? For Soft rock and punk? Basically which one pwns?
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jackson but go buy an ibanez rg it actually pwns. probably says it on the box
Assuming your name is RandyRhoads, my favorite guitarist, I'd go with the JS30RR. You'll probably like it more and it'll inspire you to play more. That's actually one of the reasons I got an RR3, one without Tremelo. It's your choice, really.
Both guitars have their advantages and disadvantages, but to be honest I'd steer clear of the LP100 and save for a LP Standard or something. They're both low-end guitars, so I will skip the quality thought and skip straight to the main thing to consider between these guitars, in my opinion:


The Les Paul will make access to the higher frets a little more difficult, so if you plan on playing mainly 80s rock that would require a lot of playing high on the neck, maybe the LP isn't the best choice. Just my opinion, but you do get used to the shape after a while.

Something important to consider about the Jackson, is the shape. I know they're badass looking, and I myself was even GASing for one for quite some time. But these guitars are something I would strongly recommend you sitting down and playing one for 15-20 minutes and see if you can adjust to the shape. You will have to play in the classical stance, and that may take some adjusting. Personally, I decided against the Rhoads V shape because I don't gig often and most of my playing is done at home, where I would be uncomfortable. Again, this is all personal preference, but I find the Rhoads Vs to be a little awkward, and would opt for the "super-strats" that Jackson offer instead.

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