"Concealment " Crit 4 Crit

A portrait of myself.
A photograph of a nameless face nailed to the wood.
Beyond the locked jewelry box missing a key.
And unused perfumes scattered about all the sad things.
A portrait of me.

The sun collapses into the horizon.
Your shadow traces the wall with a weary stutter.
And the fire extinguishes the desolate cold
As we hold on for dear life.

Each morning we bury our dead;
Succumb to each sorrow;
Place our hearts on the mantle;
Til the whiporwill calls us home.

The pen slips as the hours bleed.
Time is corrupting each word.
I feel your arms cloak my bones.
And I know you're not there;
As I pose silent and content.

The mountains sing the echo of the rain.
The warping melody of the wind;
Under the conduction of the constant tapping.
And if you listen closely you can hear her voice.
Til the whiporwill calls me home.
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