k, so not really a s00per noob or anything, but i'm not exactly the most seasoned user, so i figured i'd ask here instead of in the pit.


i was browsing around the forums... and in a thread i saw in EG i noticed a user whose name was white (no link to profile) and his user title was "guest".

since when could you post in the forums as a guest????
you cant, i just tried
edit: unless you find some way to hack into it...
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That post was from 06-12-2005.

The site flirted with the idea back then but it was very short lived.
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This is a guitar community not Romper Room.
On a forum like UG such a thing would prove quite disastrous. As long as the mods can punish wrong-doers all is well. If people can post spam/porn/memes as guests than there would be no end to it.