Which one of these songs would win the talent show? I am going to play Drifting by Andy Mckee and my friend is going to play Cliffs of Dover
Play something like building the church by vai and you'll win lol!
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All depends how well you play them!

I would be going for Cliffs of Dover though, it's a big favourite of mine (as I am sure it is with many guitarists). Whilst I dig the drifting tune, in terms of technical aptitude, Cliffs of Dover says more (well, IMO anyway).

I would play For The Love of God or Surfing with The Alien or something among those lines of avant-garde shred songs.
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no no, play circles by satch. at first everyone will be bored. then when it kicks in at like :50 everyone will be like srs wtf! then you kick back into the slow at around 2:32 and you will be clapped and applauded and hailed as a hero.
NSW Group FTW!

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