now i know we haven't spoken in awhile
it's hard to be struggling and try to force a smile
and even worse when you built your own trap
denied everybody's help and even turned your back
i'm tired of that, there's plenty air to breathe and things to learn
open my mind and find that all things can be discerned
i'm not concerned, i know its just a turning page in life
the gifts we're given far outweigh the pain and strife
i'm just happy to be living
so here's to new beginnings, guess i'll try to live it right
the shadows of the past are a product of the light
and you can ask me for anything you ever need
always place your faith in me i'll love you endlessly
i have the strength to find a way and flip it upside down
giving up is not a part of me, i'll always be around

it's hard to take my word after all these losing bets
regretfully my words today have already been said
but please just listen
i'm trying to make sense of all the things that i have witnessed
everyday is a burning candle and a trial to make it through
there's nothing i can't handle, i learned everything from you
so i know what to do in all these ****ed up situations
i'm not the only one with problems so i know that i can face it
i got so tired of failing and just barely getting by
i know we're here for a reason and without it we would die
we dwell on all our differences but everybody cries
and every person tries to do their best before His eyes
so we should reckognize that we're all individuals
the way we treat each other in this world is just pitiful
if you don't believe in God don't knock on other people's rituals
the love and hate we spread to one another here is cyclical
i choose to value love because i know that its reciprocal
and everyday we're living on this earth is a miracle
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