So, my band is looking at building a practice room in my house (in my conservatory, not ideal but the only other room is basically nowhere) and we have a 12x10 foot room to play with. Eventually these will be gigged with as well... that's why I want amps in this power range. We really need some decent effects pedals too, and we really aren't sure where to start so help is needed there too.

What are some good 100 to 150 watt amps for like a mix of pop punk like Blink, +44, Green Day (haters GTFO ) to heavier rock like Sum 41, Billy Talent, Evanescence, Feeder and Offspring? It has to be a combo though, no cab and head jobs, too much work moving them and definitely more than I really want to pay.

We need 2 guitar amps and a bass amp. Price isn't really an issue, I've got a feck load of money i'm putting into this eventually over a few years so it's not really an issue but it still needs to be reasonable (<1000-1200 GBP in total for all 3 amps. We'll be putting an Epiphone LP through one, a Fender Jazz eventually (Right now it's a Squier P-Bass) we're not sure about the other guitarist, we're between guitarists at the moment.

Oh yeah... inb4 Line 6 Spider III We use them at college now and they're bad amps.
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Two of the best amps out there for punk are the Marshall JCM 900, and also the Mesa Mark series. Find a combo or half stack for one of these. Peavey 5150's are also great.

If you want to get something a little more quiet, then that will be hard to find. I reccomend putting in extra money for an attenuator though, that way you get tube sounds with less pain to your ear drums.

Now for pedals. Overdrive/Distortion isn't that necessary if you have a good amp. If you would rather use a pedal, then BOSS's pedals are what you would want to look at. If you want to use a little less gain, then a BOSS OS-2 would be a good choice. If you want more gain for stuff in more of the punk rock genre, then suprisingly, a BOSS Metalzone would do well. They aren't the best metal pedals, but their hidden talent is punk. Don't believe me? Listen to this guy. - http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/214845 . I assure you that Metal Zones are good for punk. As for modulation effects, anything you want will do. Crybaby Wah's are also very good for pretty much everything.

Have fun.
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^ have to agree, JCM 900 will get you there no problem as well as a Mark series.
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