#1. Will the music I have on Media Player work on Audacity
#2. How much space does it require?(I have Vista)

thanks a ton guys!

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get a real program /thread

Reason: It records with a delay, seriously.
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1) yes.
2) very little, you should be fine.

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1.) yes, if you convert .wma into .mp3 with something like iTunes. import wmas into itunes it will automatically do it.
2.) minimal space. not that much.

The recording delay is very short but kind of annoying, but the effects and ease of use make it worth it.
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get a real program /thread

Reason: It records with a delay, seriously.

Ummm... yep it always does that with me. But I've heard it's actually hardware. Anyways if you turn off the playback that won't be a problem.

1. Yes, if you put the mp3 plugin(and others if you want them too)
2. It takes about 15MBs.
2.not much

iii) its kinda cool though, i used a direct input from my guitar and wah wah and if i turned the volume up on my geetar i distortion cuz it was too loud for it, thought it was cool... howefer i hav emgs which might have been why but it still didnt sound as good as an amp anyways obviously
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