The band My Sweet Alibi is looking for a drummer or screamer in the Cocoa/Rockledge Florida area. If you are interested please make sure you fit these criteria:

-Between 14-18
-Have own kit
-Double bass pedal
-Experience in metalcore/post-hardcore (blast beats, breakdowns etc.)

-Between 14-18
-Have experience with screaming high and low
-At least one microphone and speaker/amp (minimum of 50W)

Make sure that you can be able to get a ride to practices on weekends.

If you have any questions or are interested, please contact:



Thank you
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Why do people not appreciate screaming for the good music it is?
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Indeed. Let's not digress though. We NEED a drummer or singer/screamer. If you have buddies that live near cocoa beach/ cocoa and are drummers or screamers, please tell them to check us out! .
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why do people make good music, thats ruined by screaming?

Not everyone likes the same music as you so deal with it.

In the meantime... *moved to the classifieds.
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