I have some shows coming up soon so I decided it was about time to restring my guitar (Floyd rose hassle!) So after I finished I noticed there was a fair amount of fret buzz on the low E from about frets 1-10. I've never had any problems with buzz before on this guitar so I figured the strings were still stretching out and went on about my setup. I then tinkered with the intonation as it's been pretty off lately and this is the first time I've ever messed with the intonation so it took a bit of a while. I got all the intonation right but there is now enough fret buzz on the low E to kill a yak. What do you think I should do?

I didn't change string sizes, the bridge is pretty damn close to level with the body (I'm not a complete newb at floyd) and the frets look fine

IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ ALL THAT: I have a floyd rose guitar that developed fret buzz after a restring and intonation set up. What are ways to fix it?
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restring and intonation setup should do the trick.
But take it to a professional
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there's a floyd Q and A at top of page.

but you can raise the bridge posts.
also the strings might still settle in, if they are still brand new.

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