Does anyone know how/where to get more software instruments/sounds for Garageband?

I'd really like a sound like the synth lead at 1:20 in this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bfseWNmlds

Thanks so much for the help! I really didn't know exactly where to put this thread so if it needs to be moved from the Pit I'd be happy to do that... Thanks!
I should have specified that it would be better if they were free... Haha
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Really? Three threads? KIll yourself.
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Looks great, but all their links say "doesn't work..."

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I love Passion Pit! Such a sick song, but yeah just look through plugins. Sorry I'm not very helpful.
Yeah it is a great song... I just want to use a sound like that in this song I'm making... Well, actually, I just want more sounds. I know there's this program called Reason where you can essentially make synth sounds, but it's thousands of dollars... Same with Logic...
I think you just have to be willing to pay for them. Apple sells (or they used to anyway) "jam packs" of different instrument sounds for garageband, try searching for those.
Yeah... I don't know, though. The Jam Pack things didn't really seem to have synth sounds...
Well... I wouldn't mind, but the thing is that I'm in college and they block torrents/screw you if they find you using them... So I use mega upload and rapid share mainly, but I couldn't find any on there... Thanks for your help, though! Do you have to download a program to use demonoid? Like handbrake or something? I think that mega upload and rapid share are safer and you're less likely to get caught, though...