check out the peavey vypyr, stay away from the mg and the spider III i've tried both just for the sake of saying i have, and they were both really bad
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How big do you need it to be? Would it need to keep up with a band or go on stage, or just be practiced on in your home?
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Roland Cube 30


Or you can just get a Roland Cube 15 and put the extra money towards a better guitar.
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Vox VT30 is about 20 bucks more. Good for everything from blues to thrash metal.

Peavey Vypyr is great, better for Higher gain stuff though.
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Peavey Vypyr, does just about everything pretty well. There are 2 vypyrs in your price range, one for $100 and another for $200.
Roland Microcube , excellent little amp.
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Peavey Vypyr 30.
Vox VT15
Roland Cube 30X
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The peavey vypyr.
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IMO, can't go past the Roland Cube series - best value for money at that level......

Bare in mind though it won't be loud enough to play with a drummer (you can probably get a lower grade 75 watt amp for that much $$, baring in mind it will sound shabby). But as a practice amp, they are fantastic, from Jazz to metal.