I made the intro for this a while back, and this is what I did with it today, I would call it fairly Metallica inspired (acutally it sounds quite a bit like Master of Puppets), with the exception of the chorus.
I still need to play around with the solo, so don't let that bring the song down for you. Even though it will probably be improvised when we play it.

Also, can you help me out with the solo at all? My knoweledge of scales is a D Blues Minor scale and a D Pentatonic Minor scale.
This song is in neither of those.

Thank you, and of Course C4C.

EDIT: I noticed that after the first chorus the song skips straight to the solo, just know that it's supposed to go to the main riff again, the second time is the solo
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I really liked the intro, and it transitions pretty nicely into the main guitar parts.

Good riffs, good use of different time signatures to vary it up.
Finish the solo and it'll be damn snazzy.

And again, I really like that piano part.
Good job.

EDIT: I'm thinking blues minor scale in E would work for the solo?
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Sounds abit like Last Rites/Loved To Deth by Megadeth, exept in yours the intro fades into the guitar very well, and the same at the ending.
I liked the different time sigs but it made it a little complicated.

Maybe the solo should be a little more obvious, maybe quieten the other guitars or something like that.

All parts well-written, nice drum beat aswell, the outro worked real nicely.


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