i was wondering. i dont have a camera so sorry...

i have a jackson dk2s, it has no special paint, just plain red

duncan designed middle pickup

duncan designed humbucker

sustainiac bridge pickup

floyd rose that says "licenced under floyd rose parts" and has jackson on the side

first of all what year is this? because the one on the sight has seymour duncans

i bought it for $350 canadian used, good deal? how much is it worth?

thanks guys! i love the feel of it but just the fact that its duncan designed i feel like replacing the humbucker, but once i spend 200 on that i might as well put that into a new guitar..... ( i play metal and have a randall rg100 g3 plus amplifier..)

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It's usually sold between 1000-700Usd new,
But those newer dk2s have real seymour duncans. So just replace them and even then id' say it's a good deal.