Hey guys, i was wondering if anybody could help me out by telling me wether or not a Marshall MG100HDFX can be used with pedals. Thats all. Thanks!
it can be.

did you buy it yet? if not, you probably shouldnt

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like any amp existing, it can. but its not a good amp, don't buy it.
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hey dude

read this, i asked the same question and learned a lot.


kinda put me in my place, so to speak
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Check out tube amps before comtemplating buying a solid state amp
Question is why buy an amp loaded with FX to then use external FX. If your not going to use the marshall onboard stuff then just buy an amp without FX. Always better to get a good amp thats sounds good on its own than try to fix it with stomp boxes.
Hey guys thanks. uh yeah idk im not really great with all the gear stuff.
Any suggestions on amps i should get?
My price range is anything under 1000$
What do you play, are you willing to look used?
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