I am nothing more than an amateur who wants to have a setup that allows me to sit in my lounge chair at home next to my laptop with both my strat and bass:

1) Play along with some mp3's
2) Have some nice guitar and bass effects and amp mods, good quality, not cheesy.
3) Jam with backing tracks (not my own)
4) Use heaphones for the most part, may get a small practice amp as well but the majority will be through the HP's.
5) Be able to loop songs/portions of songs for practice

I know I can go out and buy a Pod or Pandora but I am not sure if one of these will give me what I want or is the most bang for the buck. Each of the Pod/Pandora/Boss pieces give me some of what I want but not all. Are there some other options that would work better for what I listed? I'm not too worried about the $$$ really. Open to any price range. Just want a setup that sounds good and has lots of flexibility allowing me to practice, jam, mess around. Not too interested in recording but who knows?
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