So uhhm, this is a fairly explicit song I guess. I made it as a joke around a couple of my buddies talking about boobs and stuffs. We're actually gunna record it tomorrow (sunday march 7, 2009) at my friend Max's house...

The ladies ain't exactly fond of this song (or so I've seen), but guys might like it

"**** Yo Titties"

Show meh ur tittehz

Mmm, yo titties!!!
I think if I were to poke them,
That **** would prolly pop,
Out of your shirt,
And onto my ****...

Damn, those jugs are huge,
Papa want some milk,
Could prolly hold a bottle between 'em,
Those tits are as smooth as silk.

Wanna oil 'em up,
And rub 'em all night long,
Motormouth that ****,

Woman, mmm
I wanna **** yo tittehs.
Show meh your brestesses, gurl
And I'll **** yo tittehs.
gunna get you drunk,
Then I'll **** yo tittehs...
Gunna get you wet woman,
But screw that, I'd rather **** yo tittehs.
It's a little "cold" in here,
makes me wanna **** yo tittehs.
Just wanna
Caress your boobies, girl.
Just wanna,
[whole band] **** YO TITTEHS!

thats so bad. hahaha bad as in so wrong. i can tell why its a joke song and why every girl you meet hates it.
NSW Group FTW!

There's nothing incredibly interesting here.
pretty deep and i really understand how your lyrics could be interpreted. i really like the symbolism. but overall awesome song haha
can't w8 to hear it
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That's awesome.

What genre of music are we talking about? (Please say death metal or something)
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thats all im going to put.
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My girlfriend thinks it's hilarious, and so do I!
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my friend Max's house...

max is the man dude
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LOL. not death metal. Just kind like a ****in' joke song. I'm gunna be singing it in one of those super deep-as-**** kinda voices lol.

LOL, i hope you're being sarcastic :P
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max is the man dude

Well sir thank you and due to my ego as of now I shall quote that.
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it is 7:04am and this is my first major laugh of the day. Thank you for starting me out in a good mood.
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