I was reading about Red Hot Chili Peppers writhing 38 songs for Stadium Arcadium and various composers with hundreds of peices of music written. I have been playing guitar for 4 years and I dont even have one!!! I just cant do it. I cant write one, let alone 38 or hundreds. Why? Anyone else experiance this?
Go become a pop diva, you can release an album without writing even one song...

I kid, I kid, I'm sure they're all very talented...

But seriously, I've found songwriting to be a combination of technical skill and inspiration, and I would suggest these five things to help, in no particular order (as they worked for me at least):

1. Get some composition software; I got Guitar Pro, and it made thing much easier instantly, since you can write an entire song/score yourself without having to rely on others. Very, VERY useful.

2. Get some more technical skill; I've been playing guitar for roughly 6 years, and I'm nowhere near as good as I should be, but I've picked up enough about theory technique that I can harmonize with most chord/powerchord progressions, I can figure out what chords sound good together and so on. Actually that's one pitfall of Guitar Pro, in the beginning I ended up writing a lot of stuff that was way above my level, and when the time to record came... well it was embarrassing, so watch out for that.

3. Read over UG's archives; a lot of brilliant people have written a lot of great articles on here, the answers to most of your questions, can very often be found within.

4. Listen to more music; Pretty self-explanatory, listen to the best, maybe you'll become the best. There's a fine line between stealing and appropriation, walk on it.

5. Get some life experience; More on the lyric writing side of things- Hmm actually I should have clarified, when you say song, do you mean lyrics or music? Or the whole thing? Either way, go out and make life happen, have some peak experiences, let some bad **** happen to you, then go write about it. Worked for me, at least.

I am no expert, I have no authority in this matter, but this stuff helped me, maybe you.
I just realised I was kind of vague on number 2; what I meant is that you don't have to wait for 'inspiration' to strike and suddenly have a song, you have more control over your own writing process; if you want a song that evokes longing, or nostalgia, or irreverence, you can more easily deliberately create something the more technical skill and theoretical knowledge you have.
lyrics and music but mostly lyrics. I have had inspriation many times and still nothing its all just wasted, i dont know what to do or say