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Orange black black
12 43%
orange black orange
7 25%
orange white orange
3 11%
yellow black black
2 7%
yellow black yellow
3 11%
yellow white yellow
1 4%
Voters: 28.
So my new olp mm2 (stingray clone) is black with a white pickguard and black headstock. I dont really want a black one though

So I want to paint it either yellow or orange but I am having trouble deciding :/ I can go white pickguard or black pickguard and I dont really want to paint the head stock (just an extra thing to do and extra time that I am bassless) so what do you guys think?

Orange body, black pickguard with black headstock

Orange, black, orange

orange white orange

yellow black black

yellow black yellow

yellow white yellow

What do you guys think?
orange black black
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Change to orange to the same shade as Orange Amps. Its will be rather sexy.


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Then replace the tuning pegs with all black ones.

And by the way, nice 'shopping skills.
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I thought about getting black tuning pegs, but at the same time I really like the chrome hardware :/

Btw, what are some good tuners to get?
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