So a while ago I found out about a band named Soil and Pimp Sessions and I've been listening to them quite a lot recently. I began searching for similar music and quite quickly found other bands like Quasimode, Sleep Walker, and a few others.

Now normally to find similar artists I use last.fm and I've never really had a problem with it in the past but now when I try to find similar artists a problem arises. Apparently because Soil and Pimp Sessions are from Japan the only prerequisite a band must have to be considered a similar artist is to also be from Japan, some of the stuff is okay but a lot of it is not what I'm looking for.

This is where I could use some help, I don't actually know what the genre of Jazz I'm looking for is called, apparently some people call it Nu Jazz, I looked that up and didn't really like it that much, other people call it Club Jazz, I looked that up as well and apparently, according to last.fm, every "Club Jazz" artist also happens to be Japanese as well.

So does anyone know either what genre of Jazz The previously mentioned bands are or know any similar Jazz artists that aren't necessarily Japanese. Japan can't be the only country that makes this type of Jazz.

Soil and Pimp sessions videos;




Quasimode videos;



Sorry for the long post, hopefully someone can help me out.
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Soil & Pimp Sessions call their style Death Jazz I believe.

I've never heard of any other bands labeled as being death jazz though.
Yeah, I've seen that as well but the only bands I can really find that are called "Death Jazz" are Soil and Pimp Sessions, Death Metal Bands like Cynic and Atheist and Last.fm didn't really have anything that interesting under the Death Jazz tag.

Although according to last.fm Green Day is considered to be Death Jazz
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