Hey, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good electric acoustic guitar for under $400 AUD. It must have a cutaway and i'd prefer it to be a spruce top and not a dreadnought.

I was looking at these two guitars:

Ashton SL39CEQ Acoustic/Electric Guitar (http://www.allansmusic.com.au/Product.aspx?p=131398)


Ashton SL29CEQ Thinline Acoustic Electric

I beleive these two guitars are pretty much the same but the first guitar sounds like it is made out of better woods that the second one.
Could anyone give an opinoin or some tips or whaterver. (would be greatly appreciated ) or reccomendations on another guitar in the same price range
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I honestly think you should get something with a hardtop, so you can play it plugged in and it still sounds great unplugged. Look at some takamine's those are really good quality, but might be a little more expensive.
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