Well wow it's been a while since I've been on UG, let alone uploaded anything. To add to that, this is quite a digression from my usual bluesy/classic rock stuff that I have on my page. Haha. Just started singing recently, so don't be too harsh =P. Did most of the synths through GarageBand.

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I like it, good job. The vocals are really nice. What effects did you use on them? The only thing was that there were a couple times that they sounded just a little distorted which wasn't good. Other than that, the only thing I would say is to maybe boost the bass in the EQ a little bit, and maybe boost the overall volume of the guitar just a bit. All this is technical stuff though, the song sounded great.

Either Collide or Everlong
Thank you very much for the crit, I appreciate it.

As for the EQ, I know it's not as clean as it can be haha, I recorded it with Garage Band, and I'm pretty much new at that. Just threw it together real quick. The clipping is cause of how I set the level of the vocals when recording, so I really couldn't edit that. As far as effects go I think it was just a simple reverb?

And thank you, yes I am only 15. Haha.
Huzzah! It is I, S0ulja, the Duke Of Swiss, 3rd member of the Royal order of cheese!

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Wow man. You have a great set of pipes on ya. And only at 15? That's crazy. This is a great track man. Props from me.
like everybody else here I'm most impressed with your voice. not that the guitar work wasn't nice, it's just rare to find good singers. i'd love to hear you cover some nine days stuff or "I'll Be" by edwin mccain would be cool to hear you do too. good job! C4C please?
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really good! i really enjoyed it. Your vocals are impressive (especially if you are only 15) and the recording quality is also good, and sounded great with the synth, well done.
your awesome.
Love this song. I'm just gonna listen and crit without reading other's comments so it isn't biased

Christ you have a good voice. And you're so young? I wish I could sing...at...all. Did you have a vocal coach or something? or are you one of those people it just comes naturally to :P

Harmonies are great. Acoustic tone is really nice too. Pretty good recording quality too

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You're only 15 and just started singing? That's mental. Your vocals sound great. Some people are just born singers I guess. I've been practicing a year and only now beginning to sound decent (in my opinion anyway, but its hard to say yourself, I might actually sound crap ;p). I'm so jealous ._.
I think most has been said before, your voice sounds absolutely great

however I think the mix is a bit on the high side of the frequency. Also I think I hear some clipping, which could be because the volume is too loud.


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Very nice vocals, although I think it might have already been said

Nice recording in general, but I agree with a previous poster, there is a little too much high end, especially on the vocals IMO. I could hear a little clipping as well, so be careful of that.

The whole performance was good, sounded like you put a lot of passion into it. Not really a lot else to say, to be honest.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1145475
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