So here's my made in Mexico Fender Jazz Bass that was my faithful bass for a couple of years, but I think I'm solely going to focus on guitar now. There's no case so I'll spare no expense making sure it's protected in transit. Also there are no mods, it's all stock parts.

So here's the list of blemishes:

1. A little paint scrape near the bottom edge of the bass, can hardly be seen
2. A small indentation in the paint job, it's a small circle about the size of a pen opening. Can't see it unless you look for it.
3. A small paint nick near the bottom right edge.
4. Typical buckle rash on the back.

Now for the minor blemishes:
- A little plastic stuck undernearth the 3 screws of the bolt on plate

- Screws of the pickguard are rusted, pickup screws are a little rusted with grey still showing

- Strap holders are a little rusty like the pickup screws

Now, I cleaned this baby up real nice. I polished anything I could, so the tuning machines, bridge, input jack area, bolt on plate and pickup poles shine. I cleaned the frets so they're nice and slippery. And I oiled the fretboad, which for rosewood, looks pretty dark.

Here are some pictures. I tried to mark the blemishes but they weren't really showing up in the shots. And you will get the knobs for the volume and tone, I just took them off to clean.


Before cleaning:

After cleaning:

These brand new go for $660, so i'm looking for $300 shipped USPS priority mail with tracking and insurance. I take paypal and money orders, but prefer paypal.

Or for trades, I'll take offers on guitars. Looking for a good shredder.

On trades or price, just offer me something that's reasonable. The worst I can say is no thanks. Thanks for looking.
haha saw this on hc. bump for you.
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damn...i really wish I could.... good luck, and bump. Maybe next week (don't get your hopes up though, I say that ALL THE TIME!)

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I have the money and im considering this bass just give me a bit and i will let you know k =)
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I have the money and im considering this bass just give me a bit and i will let you know k =)

whenever you're ready, just lemme know man.
I have MIM HSS Fender Strat if you are interested. Let me know, i would really like that jazz bass of yours.