Ok, so Im gonna be plain some shows pretty soon, and was wondering, how can I improve my strumming accuracy while im standing playing a show. I want to be able to play pretty clean and accurate and fast, but I also want to be jumping around and stuff on stage to look cool, so how can I strum accurately, even with my guitar moving around a lot?
only practice standing up.
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Keep ur arm anchored to the top of the guitar when jumping.
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Practice standing up! If you find that while doing your show your accuracy isn't all that because you are jumping around, stop jumping and focus on playing.
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Practice doing what you want to do at the show when you practice by yourself/with your band. That's pretty much all there is too it.

Also, a piece of advice, don't do anything at the show that you didn't do (and not screw it up) when you were practicing.
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Learn to spell 'Playing'. That helped me stand up, I'm sure it will help you
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