To be honest I joined UltimateGuitar so I could ask this question. How does one strum so that it is one continued rhythm? I have been learning guitar since last Christmas and I have every basic and intermediate technique down except for strumming. My strumming sounds very separate, which is weird because I strum fast and hit all the strings (and avoid all the strings that I shouldn't strum) yet I find it hard to keep a nice rhythm. Case in point the song I'm trying to learn - City of Delusion by Muse. It's got a nice acoustic guitar part at the beginning, and I have all the chords down but I can't bloody seem to make it flow...any tips? Every time I try searching for an answer on the 'net all I get are lessons on strum patterns...
practice the song more?
I'm not sure what you're getting at, you should probably post audio or video of you trying to play the song if you want the best feedback.
just seems like you have a problem with your timing and dynamics. Just practice it a little slower, focusing on precision.