i stupidly bought a b.c. rich (no need to flame me, i've flamed myself enough) its the mockingbird special x, the tones are ok at best.... the only reason i bought it is because i've wanted one since i started playing, but the tone is just not cutting it anymore, when i play with my friend (jackson emg pickups) my guitar cant even compare. I'm seriously considering selling it and either buying a jackson, PRS, or possibley a schecter (i've only played a few of those). Or my alternative is to put some emg's in that baby and get a decent sound guitar with the looks i bought it for. so what i'm asking is a recomendation on best emg pickup model (i know almost nothing about pickups) or should i just bite the bullet, take a big loss, and buy a new guitar. i do play metal but i also play other crap, not as much though
Hey, theres nothing wrong with bc rich! [except if you be a noob and buy a cheap one as with EVERY other company pretty much] /teeny-tiny rant

anyways, your amp might be the source of this problem, what do you have?
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Buy a new guitar. Jackson's are good. I'm a big of Schecter's C-1's. Their Omen 6 is pretty nice considering it's only about 400 bucks.
What amp do you have?

If you are looking for passive pickups, I would recommend either Dimarzios or Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz/'59.
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alright, i've slept on it. ok its not the amp i got a marshal jcm 2000 dsl. my squire sounds amazing through it. but when i practice at my friends i use practice amp as i am not ****ing lugging my half stack around. and his guitar sounds bad ass through same practice amp, mine sounds annoying as hell. I thought about it and i think i may keep the B C rich and slap some new pick ups in it maybe. it currently has stock Rockwell pickups, maybe im a noob but i've never heard of rock well, as i said i know nothing about pickups. but yea when i play like harmonized solo's through my amp its almost orgasmic, then when i play through practice amp it is fail. although, when my friend plays jackson through amp i have multiple orgasms filled with blood.

edit: alright i've decided im keeping it for two reasons, one i love the shape and looks and feel, action on it is nice, absolutely no fret buzz, comfortable, not to heavy or light
second, it does have some sentinmental value to me, i did get my senior pictures take with it.
anyway, now, just recomned me some nice humbuckers i can put in this little beauty

edit 2: also understand i am a tone wh 0 re. It has to be just right..... i can tweek my settings to get any kind of sound i want
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If your going to get new PUPS and they must be active, check out some Blackouts over EMG's, way better IMO.
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Quote by James13v
If your going to get new PUPS and they must be active, check out some Blackouts over EMG's, way better IMO.

cool thanks, ill check them out on internet or something