Do any of you listen to Spawn of Possession by any chance?

- Adam
Not that bad, actually. It sounds very "real" for being doom metal. Inevitably many people are not going to like it simply because it is doom metal (mostly cause of the pace). I personally love doom stuff. Hell, I'm even composing a doom metal song as it is. If you guys ever desire a violin or piano into your music, feel free to hit me up. If you check out the first (unfinished) song in my profile you can hear some of what I got in terms of those instruments.
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I liked the featured song on your YouTube account. It did what it was meant to do, it was awfully depressing to listen to.
lol thanks, yeah not everyone likes funeral doom and most find it hard to listen to.
I always say its not about the speed but about the atmosphere and feel of the music.

Yeah haha thanks, funeral doom needs to be depressing, but I wrote that song with the aim of achieving a more 'alien' sound, to try to represent Yog Sothoth.
Stay Doom