Hey all,

I've had an acoustic for a while, I like it, and I'm not embarassed to play in front of others (finally!). I want to be able to play some of the songs and genres that I need an electric for. So I've got an electric coming, and I have a couple of questions. The guitar is an Epiphone SG G-310, from eBay, with the original humbuckers. In investigating guitars, several people said this is a great guitar for the money, except the humbuckers suck, especially the neck one. Everybody recommended replacing the stock humbuckers, at least the neck. So here are my questions:

1) Are all humbuckers physically and electrically interchangeable? Or, am I limited with the G-310 to only certain compatible humbuckers? Or can I pick up any and drop it in and have it work?
2) Keeping in mind that price is important (hence the beginner guitar), what humbuckers would you recommend for the neck and bridge pick-ups?
3) Is it hard to replace the humbuckers? Do I need to have the guitar re-tuned electrically if I do? I.E., should I do this, or should I take it down to guitar center and pay for them to do it? I'm pretty handy, but balancing the electrics might be difficult for me, if that is necessary.
4) I've got my eye on a couple of different amps, waiting for both auctions to end. The one I'm planning to buy (unless it gets ridiculously high) is a Peavey Vyper 75. Does that make a difference in the humbuckers I should use?

I plan to try out the standard humbuckers when the guitar gets here, but people seem pretty consistent that that was the year that Epihone stopped buying their humbuckers from someone else (forget who) and making them themselves, and they didn't have it down yet, and to quote one reviewer, "If you're going to buy this guitar and replace the humbuckers, you'll have a great value on your hands. If you're going to buy this guitar and keep the stock humbuckers, then don't buy this guitar!

Thanks In Advance,
- Bill