Just trying to get ideas for a decent amp. i play mostly old school punk, classic and venture into some heavier things as well. Along with a decent clean so a two channel would be nice. something of a 212 combo to be heard over drums and small to medium size venues, i mike to a pa but a decent tone is a must i like to go straight to the amp. let me know how many watts i should be using, something afforadable too.
I used to use a Randall RX series....pretty sure it was a 120W head with a 4x12 cab. So its a half stack, yeah, but it served me damn well and never had any problems (I was playing anything from soft rock through grunge to some hard rock).
Then the inevitable dropping of the amp out the back of the truck came and ****ed it.
Voodoo you have described a Twin Reverb. Look at used ones for a reasonable deal. Some people think they need a pedal for enough distortion.
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thanks for the info, twin reverb you say. i am going to check into it. i looked at randalls already there nice, i just dont know yet.
Twin Reverb is a clean amp. You'd need OD to get dirt, I'd also suggest an AC30. A lot of true Old School Punk stuff was actually played on AC30's I think.
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