I've decided to use cash i'd set aside for a new cymbal to (hopefully) make a big improvement on my guitar tone. Might aswell start with telling you what I'm playing with. Guitar is a PRS Soapbar SE II , factory setup. Amp is a Marshall MG 30, i know they sound like **** but it was £50 off a mate, so i can probably still ebay that for more money towards the upgrade.

Now, i'm hoping you guys could help with some amp options up to the £250 mark (about $350). I've read low watt tube amps are the way to go, only managed to find a couple on ebay, the Laney LC15 looks interesting. Hopefully gonna check round the 3 music shops in the area soon and maybe try any they have out, if they have any...

Another option would be to change the pups in my PRS, but that involves doing stuff to it that i'm not really comfortable with. Gotta get some practice modding/assembling something else before i touch my baby.

Oh yeah i also use a VOX tonelab LE for effects and stuff, anyone with any opinions on that and I'd also be grateful, I don't know all that much about multi effects pedals, except they are fun, and it was a good deal.