Well, I just established that you really can't fit a locking nut onto any guitar, and they are probably annoy you more than assist you anyway. So I'm looking into getting locking tuners to help me when gigging.
Basically just need to know the basics...how easy to install/use...what good makes should I look for..price ranges etc.
Sperzel and Planet Waves locking tuners are good. I've never installed any myself but im guessing its the same as a normal set.
Sperzels are great - they may need a small hole drilled for each peg in the back of the head stock. It comes with a template on the box for drilling.
go Sperzels, they're good. remember you may need to enlarge the tuner holes to fit.
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Yepyep, fourth vote for Sperzels! I think you can find them for about £60 online if you look around
sperzels are good, also if you can look for the hip shot open geared locking tuners, they're very cool, and if you get **** stuck in the gear, you can clean it out so its just ****ed
Sperzels are the ****. Go with those. I do some pretty serious trem abuse on my strat, and it's never gone out of tune.
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