Ive resorted to trying sleeping pills but i dont like them they make you feel sick. At the weekends i dont sleep til about 10am and its 9 now. I can reverse this by staying up all day but then it goes back again as soon as i stay up past midnight.
Just stay up one full day and get on a sleeping schedule. Don't sleep in and don't stay up too late. not that hard.

I can't sleep. I tried taking Nyquil, Benadryl(sp on both) and a few others, but I still can't sleep.

I'll probably up the doses. Just turn off all the lights, tv, phone, nothing that will force you stay up, and then just go to sleep.

Go see a doctor for legit sleep aids if you think it's a supa problem.
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I had sleeping problems, they lasted me about 2 weeks, took me hours to egt to sleep, some nights I couldn't even get to sleep, but after a while it stopped, i guess it was just a phase
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try this. Go so sleep at 10 am and wake up 7 or 8 hours later. Do that for a week. After a week, go to bed at 12 pm and sleep for 7-8 hours. Next week, go to sleep at 2 pm etc. Eventually you will be back to going to sleep at a normal time and sleeping for a normal amount of time.

To be honest I would not do that. You can buy some teas at health stores that contains something to make you sleepy. Listen to a relaxing album. You could also just get 4 hours of sleep and that night you will be tired
Take melatonin. If i don't take it i won't sleep. but that stuff will put you to sleep in 20 mins guaranteed. If i don't take it i'll stay up until 5 in the morning.
I somehow turned my taking hours to get to sleep then sleeping for 14 hours into taking 20 minutes to get to sleep then only sleeping for 6 or 7 hours.
ive tried pretty much everything, only thing i found that works for me is basically tiring myself out exercising. in the spring/summer i go jogging after waking up, after lunch and before sunset and in between exercise, basically exhausting myself
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Yep I've had sleeping problems before I get my US Visa, now that I've got it it's cured!
I've had manjor sleeping problems. Mostly it was because something was bugging my subconscience. Figuring it out and clearing my mind worked better than any medicine I could think off.
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Try some herbal Valerian pills, they're alright, or, like someone said up there.. work. There's a difference between being mentally tired and physically tired.
Something about the release of some chemicals in the brain when you have a wank is meant to make you sleepy too.

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If you mean sleeping problems as in sleeping too much... then I definitely do have a sleeping problem
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